Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ode To The Mustache


Today my dad and mom came over for a bagel brunch including fresh bagels from the bakery down the road, lox, chive cream cheese, cucumber, red onion, grapefruit juice, espresso, a chocolate pastery, and almond macaroons (my dad's favorite)!

My dad is an amazing guy with an amazing mustache. It has become part of his persona over the past few years. It has had shorter days, longer days, curlier days, and down days... No matter what kind of mustache day it is, my dad is the proud wearer!


Of course this day has to include a craft project. This time it was the card that was the craft and ode to the mustache! 

I took a piece of foam core board, cut it to shape and covered the 'stache with some fun paper, wrote a message on the back, and attached it to a small gift. I am a FUN socks kind of gal and thought what better to give than something you yourself love.  I saw these and could not refuse!!! If they had come in a smaller size I would have gotten them for myself too.  Socks with MUSTACHES! 

These beauties are from Sock It To Me, I think I am in love and have found a new favorite store!

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I Love You Dad!


  1. wonderful blog entry, sara! ..and thanks for a lovely fathers day brunch! xoxmom

  2. Sara and Pete, thank you for the wonderful brunch. Thank you for the engaging conversation, the Mustache Card (to become an office mobile) and the socks. Your generosity of spirit, love and creativity can turn a dry handlebar wet.
    Love, D

  3. that's an impressive mustache!! bravo!