Monday, August 9, 2010

Bow Tie Ben

My big brother Ben is a bow tie wearer. I don't think he wears long ties, I think he's pretty much exclusively a bow tie man. Just like my dad wears a handle bar mustache, my brother wears a bow tie.  Even for my wedding, all the guys wore matching long ties but I knew Ben needed his own matching bow tie so he'd feel like himself, so that's what he wore.

Ben was visiting and handed me a small strip of fabric and a bow tie that he likes wearing. He asked if I could make him a bow tie out of the fabric he gave me. It was kind of thick, almost a home decor weight fabric, which I wasn't sure how it would work up for such a small item, but it ended up being just fine. I guess this fabric is for a friends wedding and he wanted a bow tie to match the decor.

I traced half the bow tie that fit him onto the fabric he provided. I left enough fabric to make seams etc...  I made 4 matching pieces, so that I would have front left & right, and back left & right.  I added some light weight fusible interfacing (so it would hold its shape) to half of the bow tie, and sewed it together.  Did a little flip inside out (with the thicker fabric was not an easy maneuver) ironed it and BOOM ready to go.

I realize I haven't been quite up with taking the photos in action lately. I will try to be more aware of this, but once I get crafting, I like the freedom of just doing it and not documenting the whole thing. . . SO here are the photos I do have.

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  1. Hey Sara,
    Maybe we can go into the bow tie business together. I bet these custom bow ties could sell anywhere from $25-$50 and would go quickly. Anyways thanks for making it for me and mailing it down here. The fabric was a runner for the tables at Mikes wedding and I will be the only one with the matching bow tie. I think I will surprise them by wearing it! Anyways keep up the good work and thanks for the blog shout out.
    One reason, besides just being cooler, a bow tie is better than a long tie is that there is little to no chance of getting it stuck in something. Like at the jewelry store when you buff a ring a long tie could get stuck and suck your head in...and that would be a disaster.
    You are the best.