Sunday, January 9, 2011

silhouette plate

I made two silhouette plates as holiday gifts this year. One with each of my nephews on it.  I found the tutorial on Prudent Baby.

Here is my result for my nephew Joshua.

I some how sent Isaac's without taking a photo, so hopefully my brother or sister-in-law will send a photo that I can post here to show it off.

Here is the plate of my nephew Isaac:
(Thanks for the photo Brandie!!!)

I had a photo of each nephews silhouette, I then put it on top of black paper and cut out the two layers with an x-acto knife.  Then I mod podged it onto a plate (from goodwill).


  1. AHHMAZING!!! I may just have to dust off my crafty shoulders and try this out!

  2. I love this plate. I will send you a picture of it on the wall. Joshua likes to point it out while he is in his high chair. He is a fan of high contrast shapes.