Saturday, June 4, 2011

Baby Quilt #?

I have been working on a baby quilt for quite some time now. I finished it weeks ago, and haven't gotten around to blogging about it.  I seem to have slowed WAY down on the crafting since starting my 9-5 job in January... and have  been even worse about posting projects here when they are done. Here goes for trying to fix that.

I normally don't post gift projects until they have made it to their rightful owner, however I have time now to blog, so will post before it is sent. Recipient, if you see this, you'll probably know it's for you, and just pretend you didn't see it here. Act surprised when you get it in the mail!

This baby quilt is for a great friend who is due any day now. (I took the photos with my phone and not my camera, so apologize for the low quality)

I didn't follow a pattern for this one. Just drew it out on graph paper and went with it. I think it turned out pretty well!

When I get some extra time and batteries for my camera I will be sure to post higher quality photos.

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