Thursday, May 6, 2010

1st Try = Not Quite Right

SO as I said before there is a sweet project post that I will post about probably on Sunday...

In the mean time I have been obsessing over the cutest hat on Prudent Baby!!! As many of you know,  I am not much of a sewer. Most of my projects are paper based, but I figured I would give this hat a go. I went to the fabric store, hemed and hawed over what fabric to get and finally chose some. I got cute fabric to make my nephew a hat, and I also got fabric to make myself a hat.

I then looked at the pattern and saw that people were having sizing issues. I know my nephew has a 19.5" circumference head. I measured the pattern, did some math and choose to make the pattern at 120%.That was my first mistake!  I think its going to be too big. The hat fits me in a funny kind of a way. BUT I think  I will pop the hat in the mail to see if it fits him or not. He will probably just pull it off his head anyways!

I have a 22" head. I think I might make the pattern for me the same size, but add a few inches in the length. (This is where I get myself into trouble! Sewing isn't my strongest suite, and making changes to a pattern on a whim never turns out well for me, but I might give it a go anyways.)

So here are some pictures of me wearing this hat...pattern at 120% for my nephew...

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