Saturday, May 8, 2010

Throw Pillow Covers

I have had the same futon and throw pillows since college.  I used to use a nice tablecloth/flat sheet to cover the futon. No matter how well I tucked it, it would fall off, or get into a bunch. The two mismatched throw pillows have been around just as long as the sheet cover.  One is bright blue fleece, and the other a blue/green/purple plaid chenille.

Pete and I just moved and decided that it was time to buy a proper futon cover that zipped around. We bought a nice solid lavender colored cover. I then decided that I would make matching covers for the pillows, so that we would have pillows that matched the futon.

I made them out of three pieces of fabric, front, and two back pieces so I could slide the pillow in, yet have the back look finished. 

This is what turned out:



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