Friday, May 21, 2010

Pillow Rescue

My mom and dad have this pillow that's been around for many many years. It finally bit the dust, and my mom asked me to rescue the beautiful tapestry on the front... so I did!

I carefully removed the front panel which was in fine condition (other than being dirty from couch use for probably 15 years). I used my seam ripper to remove the front.  I tossed the back fabric and the stuffing which I am sure had dust mites out the wazoo.  I then washed the tapestry part with some woolite, and BOY did it need washing!  I hung it up to dry and went to the fabric store.  I got some dec weight black fabric and some cool cord for the trim.

I never have sewn using a trim before so I looked at some projects on some of my favorite DIY blogs, and figured it couldn't be that hard! I then used the old noggin and figured why not use the zipper foot. I recently have been convinced that sewing can't be that hard, so why not give things a try that I've never done before!  The zipper foot for my sewing machine in theory is used for zippers, but is also perfect for getting right up against the edge of something. (Not sure if this is a conventional way to do trim, but it made sense in my head!)

I first basted the trim to the front, so it would be easier in the long run, I did this on my machine using the longest stitch length. Then I pinned all around right sides together, and sewed right up against the trim which was sandwiched between the front and back. I flipped it inside out and POOF it worked!

I then got Pete to help me stuff the new pillow form into the cover. Then I sewed up the hole and it looks great (if I do say so myself). Then I took pictures and realized that the colors in the tapestry magically match MY couch just perfectly... BUT  ho hum, I did re-do the pillow for my parents so I will give it back to them.


  1. It came out great! Thanks Sara.

  2. the pillow is better than new...thanks, my dear, talented daughter!