Friday, May 7, 2010

Sun Hat

So the 2nd try I tweaked a few things, and poof it actually worked!  In my last post I mentioned that sewing is not my strong suit. I also mentioned that every time I have messed with a sewing pattern, I have ruined the project... well this time the changes worked! WOO HOO!!!

I've been obsessing over this cute hat for days now.  I enlarged the pattern to 130%, and added an extra inch in length. (I continued the flared line one inch longer and drew a straight line across the bottom) This worked perfectly!  This pattern is made with two fabrics so it can be flipped inside out for two different looks. The best part is that it took me less than an hour, except if you count blogging time I went over ;-)

Here are the results:


  1. ahh it turned out so cute!!!

  2. I can see Grandma wearing one of those!

  3. very adorable! Good job. Really cute fabric, too. It looks like those hats from the old days that are at Birch under the stairs.

  4. Great job. I'm going to give it a try for me. The one I made at 120% for my daughter I may try to put some elastic on the inside (it won't be reversable any more) so it will fit her head.

    1. JMoose, you could still keep it reversible. Just sew another row 1/2 to 3/4" above the stitching that is over an inch away from the outer edge (the "hat band" area). Then, pick the seam between the old and new "hat band" stitching, run your elastic (5/8 or 1/2" wide) through, secure and then hand sew the area of the seam you picked open. This should work if I read the pattern correctly...
      Good luck.