Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beer Label back-blog

After blogging about Jason and Shanon's table, I thought of another craft project that involved them. Brewing BEER! I suppose the brewing process is a craft in its self, however our beer needed labels, so I designed some.  It started with a drawing which I colored/painted with Caran d'Ache water soluble pastels. You color like a crayon and then wet it like a watercolor.  Here is what I ended up with.
 You see, Jason and Pete are trumpet players who both have red hair, so I based my label off of the brewers themselves. 

I then got some weatherproof laser labels Avery 5524 rigged up the spacing, threw in a diamond checkered background, printed them and poof ~ WE WERE IN BUSINESS!
One of our very own Scotch Ales wrapped in a tidy package with a home made label!

I left the oval at the bottom of the label blank so we could write in what type of beer it is. I also gave Jason and Shanon a bunch of labels to continue their beer making in Louisville. Since then we have enjoyed a number of different types of beer Jason has made, covered in properly labeled bottles.

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  1. these are really beautiful, sara! I don't think I had seen them before! I LOVE the GRAMMY B'S HIPPIE GRANOLA labels you designed for me, too. Hmmmmm... maybe a future in label making, trash furniture and violin bow re-hairing???so cool.