Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blue & White Tissue Paper Trash Table

I found this little table at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for I think $4.  It was cracked and the top would not stay on so the man gave it to me for half price, $2!  I glued, clamped and fixed the table so it was sturdy again.  I found some sweet tissue paper at Target. I knew it had to turn into something, and this little table was it. I sanded, painted and decoupaged it.  Decoupaging with tissue paper is a little bit harder than with a sturdier paper. It rips more easily and creases more easily, but I was up for a challenge.
I know what you're thinking. Why ruin such a good looking table. Don't worry, it looks like nice wood, but it is really particleboard disguised as fine wood. I have an affinity for wood, and leave it alone if it's anything of note. (I'll post about my craft dresser another time!)
This is where I probably started yelling upstairs to Pete saying, "I'm doing this project, here is what I need you to do." Laying the table top was probably the hardest part.
I think it came out pretty cute.  Now if it only matched the other things in the house. . .

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  1. "matching other things in the house" is never a pre-requisite for a fun project! what a pretty, fun table xox