Saturday, March 13, 2010

Knitting Needle Case

Here is another Craft Report. Done on Saturday Feb 21.  I am using an e-mail I sent to my parents as the entry.

Todays olympic event was to make a knitting needle case.  I saw a rough pattern online and used it changing it slightly based on the needles I had.  It holds all of my needles except three large long circular needles for knitting sweaters, which have their own cases. Those are the needles I use least.  The needles in this case are used fairly regularly!

I picked a fun print, with giraffes all over. It made me think of the Raffi song Joshua Giraffe.  You will see in the picture, some how magically the print lined up so that the heads and feet matched.  I dont know how this happened  but it is a good mistake.  Pete mentioned that he remembered when he was a kid the wall paper was cut out to include whole animals where none were cut off. Unfortunately in a sewing project like this, that was not possible.

This has many pockets, and holds all my needles nicely with a few extra spaces for growing. If I get even more of a collection, I will have to make another case. 

Not bad for one afternoon, and not sewing in a long time. 

I've got a bit of extra fabric. I'll have to figure something out for that.  I'm thinking of making my first ever quilt, but we will see about that.
Aww, look they are all so cozy in there.
One nice tidy package. Before they were strewn around my craft dresser drawers in disarray.

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