Thursday, March 11, 2010

Flat File

As an avid crafter and slightly obsessed paper collector, I've always had my eyes out for a flat file. Architects use these for keeping their plans in. They are extremely expensive and hard to find cheap!

I collect large sheets of paper usually 19.5"x27. Lots but not all of these papers come from the Paper-Source, one of my favorite stores. I've gotten some beautiful marbled papers from Italy, and just collect it when I see it. Some girls collect shoes, I collect pretty paper.

One day Pete and I were in the PACA (Preservation And Concervation Association) warehouse in Champaign, IL. We turn, I spot, we inquire, they dissuade, we move a heap of junk to get in there, they dissuade, its marked $20 and its WOOD, the man tells us "it will never fit in your car", we say it will, we pay, we get it in the car, and drive away. WHAT A FIND.  $20 for a wooden flatfile!?! That is unheard of. It was a dream come true!

We got the thing home, it probably weighs 300 pounds, and Pete-muscleman somehow gets it in the house. So, it's a little water damaged. No problem, we clean it up. Pete replaces the bottoms of each drawer which were warped. Each new drawer bottom was specially cut and assembled by Pete himself. A couple trips to Lowes, a few (ha!) hours of work, and we were in business!

 Now all I need is the proper craft room for the proper flat file!


  1. How talented you are! And you are a musician too! We obviously can not be related! Love your stuff...

  2. Great find!!! How nice to have the tools and know how to fix the bottoms of the drawers. Too cool. You should do a post about your collected papers sometime!