Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sock Monkeys!

While I was in Seattle visiting Peter's family this past December, Nancy, my mother in law was making a sock monkey. She happened to have an extra set of sock monkey socks, and gave them to me to make my own! This little monkey was going to be for my nephew Isaac.  I got plugging away with the sewing machine, sewing by hand and embellishing this little guy. Here are some photos of this fun project.
Slowly he began to take shape. Arm by arm, ear by ear.
This little guy even got a bow-tie before he got eyes. I knit it flat, then crocheted a circle and tied it in the middle to form the bow shape. It worked out well.
I gave him eyes, nostrils, a hat and a heart. 
 Now, that was a project I had fun with!!!

Before we left Seattle, Nancy brought us to her local sewing store. We picked up another set of socks, so I'd have some to make another monkey with when I got home. The socks came in a pack of 2 pairs, so Pete got the other pair to wear. These socks were bigger than the first, so it made a bigger monkey. 

This guy got fancy eyes. I felt like he should also have a bow-tie. I mean, when your head and your shoulders are actually defined by tying something around the toe of the sock, why not make it a bow-tie right? For this little fellow, I used the white toe as the hat. Knit an I-Cord for the brim, AND made a pom-pom for the top.  I gave him to a friend as a baby shower gift.

I'd never made a pom-pom before, but a friend had a blog post about them,  so I got inspired. I looked up 'how to make a pom-pom' on YouTube, and poof there was a video. You'd be surprised what you can find on YouTube when it comes to crafting! 


  1. yay! pom pom making is fabulous and so easy!! i love it!
    i can't believe you made those monkeys!

  2. About pom poms.. I had always made them with a piece of cardboard the way my mom taught me, but I found out that there are pom pom makers! They come in packs of 1 or 2, and each makes different sizes. I believe they are made by Clover (since I'm in Italy, I don't have them with me, but Mike would tell you that he wouldn't put it past me to bring something like that with me). You can get them at Michaels. Whats really great is that you can make multiple pom poms of the exact same size. Which opens up endless options of craft projects. I used them for the tops of the golf club covers I made for my dad.