Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Childhood Crafts

I've been visiting my parents the past few days, and have tried to document the millions of crafts that some how have turned into permanent fixtures in their house. Not much explaining is needed, these are things I've made that have stuck around, some for probably close to 20 years (look for the blue bird). I might come to a max on photos for this one, hope the blog can handle it!

I made this bird in elementary school out of clay. 

This is a coaster I made at Nobles Day Camp, I was probably in elementary or middle school.

This recipe holder I made in shop class either at camp or in middle school. 

I used to make TONS of little clay creatures!

This is a paperweight. I saved up stamps that came on mail, got them off the envelopes and covered a rock, I have to say it's held up well! 

I once made this cake stand out of a wooden candle stick and a plate. I don't think we ever used it. It sits on a shelf now way up high, I almost missed it up there. Mom, no hard feelings if you want to get rid of it!

When I was in high school I worked in a paint your own pottery studio. I painted this tile and many other things which I know I missed around the house. 
This plate was an experiment with soap bubbles!  It worked, but then the plate broke... I wonder if I could find another place to make another one. If I could only remember what kind of soap it was to not make the kiln blow up!

When my brother was in 9th grade he was an apprentice in a glass blowing studio. I went to visit and got to make a paperweight. This was with a TON of help but I did pick the colors AND they are still my favorites, purple and lime green!
A painting. 

 This is a datebook I made my mom, I have to remember to make her a new one. She asked a while ago, OOPS!

An origami ball, yep I made it. What do you do with one of those? Well you let it collect dust!

A great crane mobile if I do say so myself! It is made out of silver wire, beads and some interesting papers. 

A thing of what looks like lucky charm marshmallows. They are actually little paper stars. I got really into making these in high school. They are fun and quick. 

Some cranes on the light. The middle one is tiny.
 Strings of origami cranes in my bed room at my parents house.
There is MUCH more, but for now that is all.
SO - That's about it for the Sara Museum that is my parents house.

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  1. gee sara, I wasn't aware that you took these pics when you were here! Yes, I have saved everything.... believe me, there is MORE! It reminds me of you every day, which is nice! :)xoxoxo