Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Neighborhood Colors

This post may be more of an  'Artful Eye' than a 'Craft Chronicle'.

Pete and I have been going for daily walks in the neighborhood. I have become obsessed with one house in particular. The way the orange shingles, yellow-orange trim, brick walls and salmon window pains go together is pure eye candy. I really enjoy walking past this one house.  So we've begun to notice other houses that also have a cool flair to them. That is why today I decided to bring my camera along for our walk. Here is the montage I made from my photos.

This post is a color wheel of the neighborhood houses.  
 Many of the houses also have great gingerbread on them!
This picture doesn't quite do it justice. 
The orange roof is vibrant, the trim is bright and it's cheery even on a drab day. Today is a nice sunny day, but we've walked by when it hasn't been so nice, and the house is still happy!

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