Thursday, March 18, 2010

Place Cards, Programs & Guest Book

Pete and I got married June 29, 2008.  We made all of the place cards, programs and even the guest book!
(FAIR WARNING: this post is going to be an ad for one of my favorite stores The Paper Source)

 Place Cards 
Grape Place Cards from the Paper Source. We actually had them in Violet, but this color is discontinued.
2.5" Round Labels from the Paper Source in soft white.

The great thing about the Paper Source is that they have all their templates online, so I downloaded the circular label template and was good to go.  I also printed names in this same format on regular paper as a way of keeping track of gifts, replies, and meal choices.
Once we printed them, I rubber stamped the table number on to each label.  I liked the polka-dotted effect.

We had t-shirts made up with a little logo I made on them. These were to act as a bib, at our lobster bake.  I also made the table card to explain what they were.  I used the same cards for our 'Save the Date' with different information inside!

Thanks to all those that helped tie color coded ribbons on the different sizes of shirts.

We got some pearly white paper for the programs.  It was similar to stardream quarts cover stock. Because of the finish on this paper, we had to print it on a laser printer. Pete and I got it all figured out on the computer, and spent some quality time at Kinko's!
I wish I had a photo handy of the cover, but unfortunately I can't find one. The front had a filigree design on it. 

Guest Book
 I actually covered/bound this book!  The Paper source has some great book blocks (bound pages, without a cover). I got the 8 1/4" square text block. I covered it with the same paper that the T-Shirt card was made out of and the save the date cards. There is a really great how-to video online to show you how to put the book together.

It was my intention to have fun colorful pens near the guest book so people would doodle and leave artistic messages. Many just wrote something, which is cool, but a few left us some great doodles.
Yes, that did start out as two sheets of bookboard, and a text block. I did the rest!

I wrote a nice little title page.

I enjoy seeing the doodles, the colors, and the great messages.

We were going to make our own invitations too, but being in grad school and planning a wedding, we went with having someone else do those!

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